Training for startups on 28 of October: how to attract investment and identify key metrics to accelerate growth


On 28 October, IT Park and Startup Central Eurasia will hold an offline training session for startups from Uzbekistan on how to identify key metrics of a startup to accelerate growth and attract investment using the Startup KPIs tool. 

The Startup KPIs tool is a tool for calculating key metrics so that a startup can identify its strengths and demonstrate them to investors. According to the Startup Genome report, 70% of startups misjudge their growth stage and try to scale prematurely, which ultimately leads to project ruin. Analyzing a startup's performance with the Startup KPIs tool will not only present the project to investors in a better view but will also help avoid catastrophic risks for the company. 

To show startups how to use this tool, SCE will run a practical training session. Startups at the idea and Pre-Seed stage will learn how to identify the North Star Metric for rapid growth. And Seed and Scale projects will put into practice the Startup KPIs calculator tool, which gives direct access to investment from platform partners. 

The event will consist of theoretical and practical parts. First, Irakli Kashibadze, CEO of Future Laboratory and Startup Central Eurasia, will speak on "Startup opportunities offered by the Startup Central Eurasia platform". Then Maxim Burianov, Platform Analyst at SCE, will talk to the participants about

— Why is it important to define metrics for startup development (ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC, Churn Rate, Retention Rate, MRR Growth Rate, Gross Margin, Burn Multiple and others); 

— how can startups define a key metric for startup development (North Star Metric);

— how should startups talk to investors on the basis of calculating Startup KPIs. 

This will be followed by practical training on how to use Startup KPIs. At the meeting, startups will be able to register for the subsequent selection to the project registry and have the opportunity to get on the mailing list for investors from the Central Eurasia region, USA and Europe.

IT Park and Startup Central Eurasia have already organised a similar training session online in August: in August startups were able to describe their projects, share the problems they faced and receive advice on how to incorporate the Startup KPIs tool into the evaluation of their projects. 

The training will be held in Russian. Participation is free, but places are limited.

When: 28 October, 17:00 – 19:30

Where: Tashkent State Economic University