About the platform

The world's leading ecosystems (Silicon Valley, New York, London) concentrate enormous resources that create a positive impact on the development of global startups, attract the best talent from around the world, provide access to financial resources for venture capital and angel investments, as well as access to cutting-edge scientific research, achievements, and developments.

In fact, it is virtually impossible to achieve the same favorable environment in each of the region's countries in a short time since this requires huge resources.

However, each of the countries in the region has its interesting achievements and programs, for example, "One Million Uzbek Coders" in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan's plans to become a leading country in the development of artificial intelligence, simplified mechanisms for setting up businesses and the English law system in Kazakhstan.

The Startup Central Eurasia platform and the events organized within it allow uniting all the resources of the region's countries to provide the innovation ecosystem with all the elements necessary for its successful development.

The platform is designed to help startups get venture and mentoring support, information on entering the markets of the region, thereby developing and strengthening the startup ecosystem of the Central Eurasia region. Register a startup (link).

For venture capital funds, the platform provides access to a database of startups in the region. The main feature of our platform is the ability to create a unique form that will be adapted to the needs of a particular fund. Register as a venture fund (link).

Central Asian countries adopted the Tashkent Declaration in 2019 to increase the competitiveness of startup ecosystems (link).

In 2021, the organizations of the region signed a communiqué on cooperation within the framework of the platform (link). More information about the platform can be found here (link to the platform presentation).