Hackathon "IT solutions for tourism"


🚀 Seize the opportunity to participate in the "IT Solutions for Tourism" hackathon in the Mangystau region! 🌍

Date: November 30 – December 2, 2023

Location: Yessenov University, Aktau

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Goal: Innovate the tourism sector by developing applications that streamline processes, support IT projects, and enhance the overall tourism ecosystem.

🚀 Participation Details:

Coverage: 150+ participants.

Format: Offline

🏆 Event Schedule:

Day 1:

10:00 - Opening: Introduction of the case, rules, and evaluation criteria.

Working on Cases: Teams familiarize themselves with tasks and commence work.

Day 2:

Development and Testing: Participants actively develop projects and undergo checkpoints.

Day 3:

15:00 - Project Defense: Presentation of prototypes before the jury.

Evaluation and Winners Announcement: The jury assesses projects based on 8 criteria.

🏆 Prize Fund:

1st Place: 1,500,000 tenge

2nd Place: 1,000,000 tenge

3rd Place: 500,000 tenge

Join the hackathon and contribute to the advancement of tourism in the Mangystau region! 🌟

This event is organized under the directive of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is supported by Astana Hub and Yessenov University.