Google Team Members in Tbilisi Tech Park


On August 18, at 19:00, Tbilisi Tech Park will host Google team members: Charlotte Park, an HR Business Partner at Google X and Beka Modebadze, a software engineer at Google.

Charlotte and Beka will share their knowledge and experience about how to start working at Google and other similar tech giants on the global market.

The meeting will be held in a form of a panel discussion and you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers.

Bios of the guest speakers:

Charlotte Park is an HR Business Partner at Google X, where she builds and develops teams that are working on solving moonshots and making breakthrough technology. Before joining Google X, she led the Talent Engagement team for Southeast Asia in Google Singapore. In this role, she led early career hiring across the region, brought Google's Computer Science Summer program for university students to Asia, and also created the first traineeship program with the Singapore government. Prior to Google, she was a teacher in Korea and California. She graduated from UCLA for her bachelor's degree and attended Harvard for her master's education.

Beka is a software engineer at Google, specializing in enhancing the infrastructure for Google Assistant to cater to billions of Android users. Prior to his role at Google, he worked for, where he optimized a search engine for the world's largest job search platform, and implemented computer vision solutions for Agilent Technologies, a leading bio-medical device manufacturer. Beka holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania.

The main topics to be discussed:

• Applying for Jobs;

• Developing yourself;

• Developing great organizations.

• How to be a great engineer - learnings from working at Google.

• Computer Science education.

• How to get into big tech.

• Modern technologies that are in demand.

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