Laundromat service
What our company does

My company saves time of people for them to spend it efficiently with their family or favouirite activities. Well basicly you know what Laundromat does and how it functions, Yet it differs from country to country. In Uzbekistan, this type of business has never been launched yet. So I calculated all possible things to predict the future of this company herein. Generally people, in my company, use our laundries to wash and dry their clothes and take it home.

Our product and what it does

My product is clean clothes. They come in as dirty and get out clean. I will help people do washes in modern laundries. This startup will help not only residents in Tashkent for now, later in other cities of Uzbekistan, but also students who live in apartments without laundries. I personally felt how we needed ones back in thedays I was a student.

Our innovation

As you know this is a whole of new project to my country yet as this is more of a hospitality industry, I would want to include spacious and modern rooms for students to sit and study just now to waste the 2-3 hours of washing. Later on, I would also improve our servise by including PS5 for clients or couples to spend some enjoyable time together. And ect; like book reading balcony, little cafe, big TV screens, all and everything that makes my client confortable and makes them they are not actually came here to wash their clothes. Cauple of such phases later, I am planning to increase my service further by including a "Deliver Service". Here, People will not even need to come or ever bother to think about laundring, all they need to do is just download the our app and put note "I need laundry service at this time and on this day" and the next day after note-putting day, clean-clothes will be delivered back to their owners.

Received investment

$ 117k

What are we looking for:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Founding Year:
to be founded
Full Name:
Mukhsin Mukhtorov
Idea Stage
Business Model:
Idea-based yet, but soon I will launch in small circle it with my own finance.
Markets of Interest:
Markets of Interest:
Not Yet