Quick Expert
What our company does

Our company help entrepreneurs from medium-sized businesses, we create innovative projects that help facilitate the work of our clients, realize their ideas and help them avoid difficulties in developing their business.

Our product and what it does

Our product Quick Expert is an online platform that gathers in its database the best expert practitioners from all over the CIS to provide online services, which include consulting, solving current important problems of clients and providing outsourcing services. The platform is universal so that our clients do not need to spend time looking for experts to solve the problems of their enterprise, when they do not have enough skills, in the browser and in the mobile application in just 15 minutes you can get a ready-made solution to any goal. a distinctive feature of our platform is our experts, the cost of consulting which is the most affordable and the service is available to all users. Experts no longer need to open offices and firms, they work online and work for the prosperity of the business community.

Our innovation

The best B2C platform for providing online consulting in the CIS. There are no analogues of this concept in the CIS countries, we offer a platform where the best experts are gathered and where you can solve any problem, you just need to find the expert you need, there are no more intermediaries, there is no concept of unqualified assistance, the platform guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the consultation received, our platform this is a huge potential for the exchange of experience in the field of business, coaching and psychology around the world.

Received investment

$ 117k

What are we looking for:
Wallis and Futuna
Founding Year:
Full Name:
Lunara Sagynalieva
Paying Users
Business Model:
1. Number of registered costumers more than 700 within 4 -5 month 2. Number of experts more then 50 in 20 sectors 3. More then 35 consultations within 4 month 4. 3 outsource orders with average payment bill is $5000.
Markets of Interest:
Markets of Interest: