Cerebra.ai Ltd.
What our company does

Private company Cerebra.ai Ltd. is a startup developing AI-powered software Cerebra to improve the situation with stroke diagnosis in order to reduce levels of severe disability and mortality from this disease. The project started in 2018 in Kazakhstan and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help doctors, including neurologists, radiologists, vascular neurosurgeons and resuscitators, in identifying early signs of brain stroke on computer tomography (CT). Cerebra is available as a cloud native platform on web and mobile applications.

Our product and what it does

Main technology used is computer vision. Use case: a patient with stroke symptoms undergoes a CT scan. His brain image from the CT machine is sent to our servers, analysed by ML algorithms, and analysis (ASPECTS for ischemic stroke and blood volume for hemorrhagic stroke) is uploaded to cloud-native platform that can be accessed from web and mobile applications on iOS and Android. Based on this analysis, doctors can choose a treatment (neurosurgery, thrombolysis, etc.).

Our innovation

There are 6 companies working in this market but all of them are based in well-developed countries, where stroke detection is mostly based on MRI technology. But in developing regions, like CIS and most of Asia, stroke diagnosing is made on CT machines. Cerebra is the software solution fully focused on CT image analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, as we are based in a developing country, we develop a product and service suitable for the realities of such countries.

Received investment

$ 117k

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Doszhan Zhusupov
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Number of clients (hospitals) is growing.
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