Armenian startup “3 dzook” makes art in just one click

16 November, 2021

Armenian startup “3 dzook” has created a technology that allows users to convert photos into illustrated portraits and videos into animations using Artificial Intelligence.

“Why 3 dzook (in English - fish) - because we launched the startup with 3 friends. Why fish - because this is a good symbol that means freedom, serenity. The fish swims where it wants, and when it wants to - it flows in opposite direction too. That’s exactly what we do," Agatha Badalyan, co-founder of the startup, says with a smile.

We talk about the path they spanned, starting from the idea to their collaboration with Snapchat.

From personal gifts to artificial intelligence-assisted technology  

I am an artist, illustrator and people always ask me to take their picture. Most people love having their own picture, to be portrayed. If you look closely, you will notice that most of the paintings exhibited in the museums are portraits. This has been true centuries ago, and is continues to be true till present days.

Little by little, painting turned into a small business. With three friends, Irina Miryan, Hasmik Minasyan and I, we started making individual gifts. People would send their photographs, we would make illustrations, and then print them on different items, like shirts, mugs, and phone cases. The demand for such gifts was increasingly growing. We went on getting orders from diverse companies as well.

We had been working with HR specialists who ordered individual gifts for their company staff. Then we got to the point, when we simply did not manage to deliver the orders by painting manually.  For example, right before the New Year we were contacted and asked to make 130 individual mugs in one day. This is when we started thinking about having a technology that would facilitate our work, but we had no clue whatsoever about what and how.