Oksana Raym: from a startup to investors

09 November, 2021

Oksana Raim is the director of the angel investors club iClub. IClub members invest in tech startups from Europe and the USA. The club was launched by the venture capital fund TA Ventures, a distinctive feature of the club - its members are offered for investment only by those companies in which TA Ventures is already investing.

At the Digital Bridge Forum, Oksana spoke at the panel session "The Venture Market: What Investors Will Look At in 2022". We talked with Oksana about trends in IT startups and the role of women in the world of venture capital investments.

- To begin with, please tell us about yourself and iClub.

- In fact, I am the country manager of our club in Kazakhstan. iClub is a closed angel investment club who co-invests in venture deals with TA Ventures. I am involved in all the operational activities of our club in Kazakhstan. Our club is represented in 7 different locations in the world: Kiev, Minsk, London, Monaco, Dubai, Almaty and Cyprus, 5 more locations will be added next year. The club has been operating since 2018, and we opened in Almaty in February this year.

- Why do you think it is profitable to invest in IT today?

- Because IT projects are the most scalable business in the world. If you want, for example, to launch a pizza chain, it will require a lot of preparatory work and a lot of capital to open in another city. The IT market does not have these boundaries; it can scale very quickly. Therefore, venture has become popular for investors - because it offers such growth rates for businesses and earnings of venture investors that are not possible in the traditional offline operating business. Therefore, of course, IT companies are attractive from the investment side.