A film about the startup ecosystem of Armenia

19 May, 2021

A film about the startup ecosystem of Armenia is being prepared for the reputable supplier of films and TV series of the American company Netflix. This became known after the meeting of the Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan with the authors of the film Rafael Tadevosyan and Artur Aloyan, during which the participants discussed the project, the work carried out and further work, the prospects for cooperation.

As Hakob Arshakyan said on his Facebook page, the film, called Musk Factor, consists of 10-12 parts, and tells about four guys who have achieved incredible success on a seemingly unrealistic idea, using the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

"This project will allow presenting the technological capabilities of Armenia," Minister Arshakyan wrote, noting that Karen Vardanyan (1963-2020, leading IT specialist of Armenia, executive director of the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises) is a source of inspiration for the creation of such a project.  It is planned to involve the pan-Armenian potential in the production of the film, in particular the Armenians who have achieved success in different countries of the world.