Vineti - an Armenian startup you need to know

29 September, 2021

Vineti is a cloud-based platform that helps facilitate access to personalized therapies for cancer and serious genetic disorders. The company's software, Personalized Therapy Management platform, unites all participants in the supply chain into one ecosystem: doctors and clinic staff who interact with the patient, drug manufacturers, logisticians and couriers.

The unified Vineti platform helps all participants in the chain to plan progress from one stage to the next, avoid human errors, make sure that the product meets the established standards and protocols, and accelerate the process of drug delivery. In 2019, the company received the Technology Pioneer award from the World Economic Forum.

Vineti works with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, at the moment, Vineti's annual revenue is estimated at $ 2 million.Since its foundation in 2016, the startup has attracted investments twice, having received funding totaling $ 47.3 million.

More than 30 specialists from Armenia, USA, Russia, Iran and Poland work in the Yerevan office of the company. It is planned to make it a regional hub.