Yerevan hosted the Armenian Business Forum

28 September, 2021

Yerevan hosted the Armenian Business Forum (ABF) 2021 - the largest event designed to give impetus to economic development, create new investment opportunities in Armenia, and support young entrepreneurs. The event was organized by the Association of Armenian Entrepreneurs (AAP), with the support of the Tashir group of companies.

The main goals of the forum are the development of the economic potential of Armenia through the inflow of investments, the creation of closer economic interaction between entrepreneurs from different countries, primarily from Russia, the stimulation and support of youth entrepreneurship, the establishment of a new level of dialogue in the Armenian business community around the world.

The forum brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs from Armenia and abroad; a total of about 500 people, including officials from Armenia and Russia, took part in the event. The focus of the ABF 2021 agenda is Russia, which was the forum's partner country. The key topics of the event were the formation of effective relationships between the business communities of Russia and Armenia and the development of economic ties between the two countries. The Armenian business forum is being held for the first time, and its further scaling is planned.

The Armenian Business Forum was the final event and the final stage of the Buissup Global Forum youth competition for young entrepreneurs, which was held this summer, who were given the opportunity to develop their business projects and then present them to a professional jury. Ten selected finalists were awarded special grants and contracts with large companies willing to invest in the implementation of these projects. The organizers hope that in the future ABF 2021 will be held on an ongoing basis and will become a place for discussing the main trends and prospects for the socio-economic development of Armenia.

The second part of the forum was devoted to summing up the results of the competition for the best start-up projects presented by the Armenian Association of Entrepreneurs by Young Businessmen.