Do I need a Technical Cofounder?

22 September, 2021

Technology has become an indisposable component when it comes to starting a business. You know this already, but as a non-technical person, you are trying to find your own way to cover this gap. You probably thought about learning it yourself and doing it yourself, but is this practical? or even feasible?

The age of “self-sufficient”

If you can do it yourself, why make someone else do it?

This seems to be a slogan that a lot of people are following in the modern times.

Independence is a big goal a lot of people are seeking. But does this apply to business and even more advanced and professional facets in life? What about teamwork and effective partnerships? Let us take this bit by bit.

Sure, you can be self-sufficient and learn how to cook for yourself, clean for yourself, and do everyday tasks on your own, in fact you should start now if you are not already there :) but does it work to try to handle a whole project on your own? Does it work to start a business and proceed on your own?

In this article, I am discussing what at least I have experience in, does building a tech startup require having a tech cofounder/partner?

What is special about technology after all?

I mean, if you can learn how to sew a dress, make a good pizza, or run a program properly, then why not programming too?

It is ever growing

Let us face it, technology is not something that you can learn overnight. It is also not something that you can master by taking an online course for three months. It is actually a complicated field that you need to study and practice for a long time in order to become professional at.

As a matter of fact, even tech people in technical teams find difficulties in keeping up with the different skill sets other people in the same team might have. Sometimes, they are not using the same programming languages and they will have to keep learning and adapting. An expert in Oracle and a colleague who is specialized in front-end development or angularjs will need quite some time to know what the other is doing and more time to become professional at it. Even for those who have studied technology or information technology or computer science, they still need to spend time and effort in learning about all the new platforms, like angularjs, tools, like Linx, or languages like Elixir. Technology is a demanding field that will never cease to bug its fans with new things to learn.

It needs a lot of practice

An armchair expert is not an expert at all when it comes to programming and IT. If you do not roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty you will probably not be able to make use of your knowledge and you will literally lose it.

The first-hand experience you get while writing code yourself, finding out the gaps, and putting everything in place is not replaceable. The painful process of testing and exploring the bugs will leave you stronger, technically speaking 

Do I need a technical cofounder?

The short answer is most probably yes. The rest of this article is going to constitute the long answer.

If you googled “You don’t need a technical cofounder,” then some of the articles will be low-key discussing why you actually need one . 

Not because you can’t easily find a tech cofounder/partner, agree on the terms with them, or agree on the vision that you suddenly don’t need them!