6 Promising Startups Participating in the Investment Readiness Accelerator

06 September, 2021

On June 25, the first stream of the Investment Readiness Accelerator (IRA) program at the MOST Ventures fund ended.

The IRA is an intensive two-month online program that prepares a startup to receive investment through educational sessions and expert consultations. Out of a hundred applications, 12 startups were selected, which attracted investments in the amount of $ 500 thousand upon completion of the program. The program involved startups from Central Asia at the seed / preseed stage.


It is an online store that provides day-to-day delivery throughout Kazakhstan. The startup secret is that all the goods are already in stock in warehouses in large cities of Kazakhstan. At the moment, more than 50 suppliers work with the company.



Gamified HRM system for HR management. The service collects applications of candidates for work, selects and schedules an interview. The startup founders are proposing to implement points, rewards, and leaderboards to make the blue-collar routine fun and productive.


Rest and Cook

Service with recipes and home delivery. Users need to select a dish or menu for a week in the application. Of the peculiarities - the preparation of each dish in the application takes no more than forty minutes.



Service for the safe transportation of children to school, clubs and sections. The startup focuses on working with female drivers and is already working in test mode in the capital. The launch in Almaty is planned for the fall.


Tass Vision

The intelligent video surveillance system is an analogue of the Kazakhstani "Sergek". Three TASS Vision products help companies improve internal productivity:

  • Face HR records the arrival and departure times of employees and maintains a timesheet
  • Visitor Analytics collects data from all customers
  • Heat Map creates a heat map of the most visited locations within a store / location / office.


Seer Technology

A smart home system responsible for preventing potential risks: fire, flooding in the absence of owners. The smart home system works on a subscription basis and reduces and analyzes the total resource consumption in the home.