Advice for Startups Planning in-person Events

03 September, 2021

As an entrepreneur with a small business, everything is on you. You don’t have a big corporation and a public relations team to make the most of your endeavors. You have to think outside the box. In-person events, big or small, offer you an arena where you can make a splash. Take the following advice to be a hit wherever you go.


Figure out who you are going to target for sales. Who will benefit most from your product or service? As you plan on joining others at an in-person event or creating your own, pick a venue that is right for you. While it’s true that you want as much exposure as possible, you also need to utilize your time in a way that will help you the most. If teens will love what you have to sell, check out a convention that is geared toward the younger generation or set up in a mall that is a hotspot for kids. If the older set is your cup of tea, look at what is on the calendar for the generations that came before you.


Sit down and create a to-do list for your event. It should include finding event booking software that can make your life easier, taking an inventory of products that need to go on the road, and equipping your mode of transportation for your trip. You will need tables, seating for yourself, decorations, and professional posters that will catch the eyes of passers-by. If you need assistance, enlist someone who will be an excellent sidekick. Don’t forget to include refreshments if it’s going to be a long day.


Don’t make the mistake of signing up for everything and anything without studying your calendar. If the event is scheduled on a holiday weekend, you may be out of luck. On the other hand, you could benefit from doing a show that is in advance of a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You may have exactly what someone wants to wrap up as a surprise. Consider competition as well. If other major events are happening on the same weekend, such as a fair or a big game, you could be out of luck.


Attending an event as a startup is going to cost you money. You’ll probably need to pay for your space. You will have travel expenses. If it is far from home, you could be spending the night. Look at your finances to determine if the event is affordable. You’ll want to set a goal for yourself when it comes to your profits during your event to make it worth your while.


Once you are set up at your event, visit other vendors. Drop off your business card and collect theirs. Find entrepreneurs who fit in your niche. You may be able to join forces if your products or services complement each other. Remember that old saying, “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine?” Try to support some of the other startups. Hopefully, you will see returns for your good-faith gesture.


Every time you attend an event is a chance for others to see what your business is all about. Put your game face on. Smile. Try to be brimming with energy. Your enthusiasm can rub off on others. The secret to your success could be more than what you are selling. Your personality could be the reason people choose what you have to offer.

Attending in-person events can be nerve-wracking. There are so many details you need to take care of as you prepare. You can’t be quiet or shy. This is your chance to shine. The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you will be when mingling with consumers and other entrepreneurs. Pay attention to others around you. Don’t be afraid to borrow great ideas. What works for someone else can help you to have a positive response. Polish your presentation and people skills every time you put up a sign that says you are open for business.