Create a full-functioning website without coding skills

03 May, 2021

Softr is a platform where you can create a full-functioning website and web applications quickly and without coding skills, using Airtable as the data base.

The founders of the startup, which raised USD 2.2m in the recent seed round ((the round was led by Atlantic Labs jointly with Philipp Moehring (Tiny.VC))  are Berlin-based Mariam Hakobyan and Artur Mkrtchyan. The main members of the team (coders, designers, etc.) are based in Armenia.

Softr simplifies routine for businesses

“Our main objective is to enable business founders and other people, who aren’t part of IT, to test their ideas in a quick and affordable way, automate their businesses. In general, we are trying to help make the process of creating a project more accessible and inclusive,” Artur said.

According to him, Softr’s mission is to make the use of its platform as simple and fast as possible.

“We want the users to be able to realize their vision through our tools without other technologies to the most possible extent. Many of our competitors have a high threshold and depend too much on mediator tools (paid ones, in general), which significantly complicates things for the users and requires additional financial investments,” highlighted Artur.

Recent investment and plans

According to Artur, although the team already has certain results, it is just the beginning. They will use the investment to develop and improve the product, which implies expanding the team.

“We want to involve more top-quality experts, who will also bring in fresh ideas. The plan is to have a fully-fledged, multi-profile team in Armenia, which will include coders, designers, managers, marketing specialists, etc. Other interesting projects and cooperation options are also possible in the nearest future.

We also envision Softr as a more convenient and better equipped platform, which will help us attract new clients and enable more people to create value through Softr,” he added.