Stages of Building an App for a Startup

17 August, 2021

any startups and businesses nowadays are based on strong attractive mobile apps.

Rather than visiting the website for your favorite pizza ordering delivery system, online market, or any other service provider, you might prefer to have an app conveniently installed onto your phone whereby with a few clicks you can find what you are looking for. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are very much popular because people want to access these services on a frequent basis keeping their feed and online connections in their pockets. It is time-effective and if you are a lazy person like me, energy-effective too :)

So, if you are thinking of building the next big startup, you might want to shift your thinking of it to the next big app!

What then? How can you build a strong successful app? To accomplish your goal, these are some steps that you will need to follow.

  • Find a problem that you need to solve

  • Supposedly, starting a startup in the first place should be based on offering a service that will help in some way, shape, or form. This is the core of the startup and of the app you are building so make sure you have a solid basis to build upon.

    How important is it to have an app?

    You need to translate the services you make to the language of the modern world: technology. People are mostly on their mobile devices and this is how they will probably be introduced to your product/service. This is why it is highly important to build an attractive easy-to-use app that will act as your main way of communicating with your customers.

  • Make sure your idea is technology-friendly

    • How exactly will the idea be presented?

    • What kind of items will you need (images/videos/maps/icons) and is that achievable?

    • What sections/menus will you need in your app interface?

    • What technical tools will be needed in making the app?

    • What are some problematic areas that might cause technical problems or difficulties?

  • Can your idea be turned into an app or a website technically speaking? How are you going to capture this idea using actual-life code? Some ideas look great on paper or in your mind, but when actually translated into the language of technology and machines they lose their charms.

  • Make a general plan

  • After making sure the technological manifestation of your idea is feasible you should start planning it yourself. Do not outsource this mission as other teams/people might miss the core items of your idea, you probably are the best to decide what features are most important and what features can be left out as the idea-owner. Surely, you will need the assistance and guidance of your technical team in case you are not technical yourself. Just make sure to on-board the team from early on.

  • Designing the wire-frame and the UX of the App

  • This is an important and essential step. You are getting closer into actually building the app.

    UX stands for user experience and a wire-frame is a reference to the technological skeleton of your app, as such.

    These components will make up the first version of the app. The main purpose here is to test what the app is going to do, what might the user do, and the different scenarios and how the app should respond.

  • Back End and Front End

  • After taking care of the wire-frame and UX, you can start working on your back end and front end system.

    Basically, back end is a reference to the programmer's side of the equation so it is going to be handled by programmers coders and developers. Front end is what the user is going to deal with so it is more about designing screens and interfaces.

    After finishing this phase, you are getting really close to actually running the app.

  • Take good care of your UI

  • Depending on the vibe your app gives, many users will choose to continue using it or to delete it immediately (you probably relate to downloading an app just to delete it minutes after using it.) This has many interweaving threads that come into play but User Interface is a very clear one. The look and feel of your app/website will determine the first impression your users will have upon using it and first impressions can be quite effective.

  • Bring it all together

  • After having all these elements ready as pits and pieces, you can assemble them all together and write the code.

  • Testing

  • This will be an on-going process that will keep you in tune with what you need to develop, change, or remove altogether.

    It is good to start this from early on but you will probably never cease to test as your app developed and improves and as new features/sections are being added/deleted.

  • Find your early customers

  • Here comes your job as a founder. You should add some tasks related to this mission; getting people to know your app/product and getting their feedback from early on. Even if you are still working on enhancements and better versions and iterations, you will need this initial feedback in order to make the process quicker and more effective.

    Plus, this phase will get you some early users, a tiny bit of brand-awareness, and will help you develop your product on realistic user-oriented basics.

    Launch! Launch! Launch!

    The best part in making an app is actually launching the app! It is like attending your son's graduation party in a way.

    However, this is the beginning of another story; getting your app into the crowded lists of app stores. You will need to look for app stores that are available affordable and popular.

    In order to make your app rank high enough among other iOS or Android apps, you have to pay attention to the keywords you are using in your app metadata; description, screenshots, icons, title, etc. You will also have to work on the number of download by doing your marketing. Your users' feedback and reviews will also definitely play a role.

These were some quick tips for creating an app, but what comes after that is an equally important mission that you need to accomplish; keeping up with the business side of the story. An app alone is not enough and if you are thinking of establishing a startup app; the word “startup” is there for a reason, and building a startup from scratch is definitely a challenge.