02 August, 2021

"On our platform, customers can purchase clothing or any other item, but delivery is stalled," says one of the founders of "Phubber".

According to Giorgi Chugoshvili, a 15,000-lari fine for a startup of one year means to cut off the business, so they are now on hold and unable to deliver the products. “We are Phubber… we are in the expectation mode. We want and need to work very much! ”He writes on the social network.

Chugoshvili also notes, that all companies’ employees work from home, so the quality of products is also controlled remotely. He says that they are ready to undergo an inspection by the Ministry of Health and consider additional recommendations in the case of need.

“They might do this check through a simple mobile app, where I just upload a video of how I work in the office. If e-model is not invented, it will be very difficult to mobilize people and check each online store and delivery office. In this case, the electronic application would be more convenient,” says Giorgi Chugoshvili.