IT Park resident launched a project to train computer science teachers

16 July, 2021

At the initiative of the Ministry of Public Education and BePro IT Academy, 430 computer science and information technology teachers will be trained in the Python programming language in 3 stages.

In connection with the increased requirement to train 430 teachers of informatics and information technology and educational institutions of secondary, secondary and higher education of the country, the Ministry of Public Education plans to conduct a program to improve their qualifications together with BePro IT Academy, which are residents of IT Park. For this, IT specialists from BePro IT Academy have developed 3 full-fledged stages for learning the new generation programming language Python.

At the first stage of the course on learning a new programming language called "Basic Python", which will begin in June this year, trained teachers will attend live lectures and practical sessions, a total of 160 hours. The second stage of the course is called "Django Python" and will last 72 hours, and the third stage "Complete Python" consists of a series of master classes with a total duration of 4 hours.