Product Hunt as a platform for startup to launch

22 January, 2023

Product Hunt is an online platform where new technological products are published. For startups from Central Eurasia it is a great opportunity to compete with projects from all over the world: the language of publication is English, and you don't have to specify the country of origin. 

Every day PH lists the best products and startups that people have never heard of. The service allows a wide but select group of users to vote, comment, and discuss them. The result is a daily list of the top 10 products and startups that people should pay attention to in the industry. 

Founders use PH as a launch pad, investors use it as a place to find a startup for their portfolio, and journalists use it to find a real technological breakthrough.

What are the goals of the products coming out at Product Hunt? 

1) To get feedback and test a hypothesis

Product Hunt's audience is specific, but if you get into it, it provides really useful feedback. The largest share of PH visitors is from the U.S. (21%, by a wide margin). It's mostly people in IT – designers, programmers, the creative class – who want to simplify their routine and test the right tools for them here and now.

2) Attract customers and strengthen the network

Product Hunt's audience is solvent, so you can quickly market your hypothesis and product on the world stage and even get your first users.

3) Find Investors

PH is also looked at by investors and fund analysts in search of promising projects. However, it is worth noting that even 3-4 years ago, when there were significantly fewer projects launched per day, Product Hunt gave an increase in good traffic, and finding an investor was easier. Today, don't expect that a place in the top PH will ensure the closing of the round. It's more like a reputation story.

4) Improve Goodwill 

For a startup, Product Hunt is a great tool to finish all the kinks: eliminate bugs, refine the design, and think about the perfect description of the project. All these elements are necessary for the project in any case, so you won't waste your time. If the announcement is successful and you will get a coveted spot in the top, you can safely talk about this achievement in your social networks and post information on the site to get support from your subscribers. That's how reputation is built – at the expense of details, positive comments, and mentions.

Which startups have a better chance of making it to the top?

The Product Hunt for the most part features simpler solutions aimed at end users. That is why PH is more suitable for launching B2C products that you can use immediately and get an effect for yourself personally.  

So, what are the minimum criteria you need to consider in order to enter this marketplace:

— The product must be worked out (at a minimum, there should be no bugs in the version);

— The product profile on the platform should be clearly and accessibly presented and designed; 

— The product's audience must be loyal to the product and ready to support the project on launch day at Product Hunt;

Startup of the Year at Product Hunt – does a startup from Central Eurasia have a chance?

Product Hunt recently set up a copmetition among for projects –  Golden Kitty Awards 2022. This is a competition for the title of the coolest startup at Product Hunt over the past year. The results will be announced very soon.

We have looked through all the participants in 24 categories, and we have found that there are startups from our region among the nominees from all over the world. For example, Theneo, a Georgian startup with founder Anna Robakidze.

In 2022, Theneo won the pitch competition at the world's largest tech event, Web Summit 2022. 

Theneo is an artificial intelligence tool that generates API documentation. "Our ML models take care of tedious manual work in generating and publishing API docs, making them much easier to produce—less technically demanding for writers and less writing-intensive for developers," is the description posted on the PH profile page.

Let's take a look at how Theneo's profile on Product Hunt fares: 

— The startup was already the best project of the day in 2022 and has 992 votes, which is as good as other projects.

— The project description took exactly 260 characters with spaces, it is accurate and discribes an idea of the product clearly.

— Founder did not use complicated animations or videos to present the product. Slides from the pitch deck are attached as illustrations. It's not as creative, but it still gives an idea of how the solution works.

— There are about 30 positive comments below the publication, including those where people describe their experience with the product.

— On the downside, the startup did not offer individual discounts or preferences to the first users, so perhaps there weren't as many customers who paid for the solution. 

The winner of the Golden Kitty Awards nomination will be known very soon, and then it will be possible to elaborate on the leader's profile and adopt the best solutions in design and positioning.