How Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Depression By Voice: Georgian Ensofy

11 January, 2023


Georgian startup Ensofy has created a platform that uses artificial intelligence to screen and monitor people's mental health. Now, the founders are actively seeking healthcare providers  in Europe and the US to integrate their VoiceAI solution into their virtual care platforms.

At the end of 2021, Ensofy received a grant of around $35,000 from the Georgian Innovation Agency to create the first version of the product. The founders then used their own resources to continue working on the product. In October this year, the team completed a three-month acceleration program – 2022 XLerateHealth. The program helped them do extensive customer discovery work in the US market and get some foothold. 

"With Ensofy VoiceAI, we sceen and monitor the mental health of individuals. This is done by analysing their voice," explains Irakli Lezhava, CEO and co-founder at Ensofy.

— How exactly does the technology detect abnormalities in the voice?

In the human voice, there are so-called 'Vocal Biomarkers', that is, certain qualities of the voice that are associated with various mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and others. Our artificial intelligence model detects these biomarkers and analyses them with high accuracy. All we need is a 30-second recording of a person’s voice. The person can be  talking about any subject.

VoiceAI is content and language independent. This means it can be used in any country, regardless of language or culture. This also provides additional flexibility to caregivers (end-users), as they do not need to ask specific questions in order to get results. 

Our API-based approach ensures that VoiceAI can be integrated into any virtual or hybrid care platform and seamlessly assist caregivers or accompany their care in real time.

Irakli Lezhava worked in medical diagnostics and imaging in Europe for more than 7 years. He saw how the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed clinical care in oncology and neurology. So he decided to bring the same technologies to the field of mental health. He teamed up with Iveri Prangishvili, software engineer, an expert in artificial speech analysis and computer vision, and founded Ensofy.

— What stage is the product at now?

We have a fully working technology, an MVP.  We are now testing the product with a handful of customers. Our goal is to integrate our product as a screening and managing tool in their existing care platforms.

To look how it works go to YouTube.