What are the strengths and challenges of Startup Ecosystems of Central Asia

27 December, 2022

Startup Central Eurasia team is glad present the first Startup Central Eurasia Report and Ecosystem Ranking - view on Central Asia, which has been created with the support of ITU. This report will help strengthen the capacity of innovation and startup ecosystems of Central Asia. We decided to cover in our first report the ecosystems of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan to show what are the strengths and main challenges of the region and what the ecosystems should do to improve its development.

The Startup Central Eurasia report will be published every year and will cover more countries. The Report will play the role of an analytical document for the countries of the region wishing to improve their performance in the process of developing startup ecosystems and the country's competitiveness in general. 
The innovation plays a major role in global development and productivity growth by creating new and improved products and services for citizens. National innovation ecosystems are key to accelerating development and fostering digital economies. 
Startup ecosystem consists of building blocks, efficiency and interconnected use of which serves as a condition for the creation of full-fledged technology companies, that have potential to change the world for the better in the context of solving social problems and digital transformation. 
In this report we analyze the Building blocks in two sections: Building blocks of Startup Ecosystem supporting creation of Pre-seed stage startups Building blocks of Startup Ecosystem supporting creation of Seed stage startups. 
For the assessment of Building blocks quantitative and qualitative indicators of the development of a startup ecosystem were developed based on the ITU methodology. We have focused on the first two levels of startup ecosystem development across six main stakeholders (Entrepreneurs, Academia, Financiers, Entrepreneurial support networks, Private sector, Public sector). 
To download report please use this link.