MOST and Future Laboratory joining forces for Startup Ecosystem Development

14 December, 2022

2 leading startup ecosystems builders from Kazakhstan and Georgia MOST Holding and Future Laboratory joining forces for the strengthening development of the Startup Central Eurasia platform Startup Central Eurasia platform is the online tool supported by ITU with a database of startups, mentors, and investors from the region, guidebooks with important information about countries' ecosystems, regulatory framework, taxation, and others. Startup Central Eurasia platform also provides daily news and event calendar of the region of Central Eurasia. 

The process of collaboration of the 2 ecosystem builders from different regions is part of the framework of the Startup Central Eurasia initiative which has been created for the coordination and optimization of the Startup Ecosystem Development in countries, avoiding duplication of activities. This collaboration is supported by the USAID FGI project. USAID's contribution to the growth of investment potential in Central Asia helps startups gain access to financing and promotes innovation and the financial sustainability of new and existing companies, supporting job growth and economic development in Central Asia.

Startup Central Eurasia is open to contributors for its development and might be used by other ecosystem builders in the process of information sharing or promotion of the startup ecosystem and its members.