Graphic Design Tools for Startups that Do Not Have a Design Team

07 July, 2021

Startups have been around for a long time now, but it is only since a few decades that this culture is gaining traction from every corner of the world. Job seekers now find it more lucrative to work at a startup than an organization that has cemented its position in the market. This is because startups offer a lot of freedom and room for experimentation. It is all about a bunch of people putting their best to get some work done as a single unit and with the limited resources they have at hand. The environment is amicable, and as the company grows, you grow along with it too. Therefore, even with minimum resources and a tight budget, startups can get things done that many bigger organizations might not be able to.

Now that said, due to a lack of resources and funds, startups do not always have the opportunity to invest in things that might help scale the company in the long run. For instance, a graphic design team makes for an integral part of any organization. However, hiring an entire team to take care of designs might not be something that startups can indulge in. It always bodes well to outsource work to professionals like Graphically. But that is not something every startup can do. However, that does not mean that they must not cater to their design needs. Graphic designs are crucial for the growth of any company. Social media ads, flyers, brand logos, web designs and marketing campaigns are all dependent on the skills of good graphic designers. Therefore, for startups who cannot yet hire the right people to get these jobs done, here are a few tools that can help them with their design needs.


Most of you might have heard about Canva and its features. It is an online tool with eclectic features that allow you to effortlessly come up with stunning and visually attractive graphics for your business’s websites, social media posts, flyers, advertisements, and a lot more. The tool is designed in a way that amateur designers, as well as professionals, can leverage all its features and create brilliant graphics for the needs of the business. In fact, Canva, with its user-friendly interface and incredible features, is also increasingly being used by people for their personal projects.

Startups might want to use the Canva for Work package so that they can unlock the premium features of this tool and experiment with colors, fonts and images on the fly. This feature works the best in a group-based graphic design setting and allows for templates and various elements to be easily shared among people.


Socially minded startups with budgetary constraints might want to opt for Pablo. Pablo is a simple tool that can be used for free to design and create images easily shareable on social media channels. Pablo has a database of free images that can be used for your projects. However, if none of these images works well with you, you can always use your own images. The tool makes it incredibly easy to use and customize images and combine them with your favorite quotes against backgrounds that you love. Plus, the myriad features and options for graphic design make it easy for you to embellish your images and use them professionally.


The next tool that we have on the list is PicMonkey that can come in handy for startups that need quality image editing software but do not have the budget to invest in a full Photoshop package. PicMonkey helps in making your graphics better than they already are. You can customize your images in any way you want. You can add text, play with borders and colors and embellish your designs with the options the tool already has. The app has intuitive software that can help amateurs go about their design pursuits. If graphic design is not your startup’s strongest suit, you might want to invest in PicMonkey.