Tajikistan plans to follow Georgia's experience of innovation development

17 October, 2022


Tajikistan plans to follow Georgia's experience of innovation development – it was announced by the chairman of State Business Incubator Dilshod Jufarov and the founder of the SCE platform Irakli Kashibadze, who took part in the G5 Forum in Tajikistan on 15 October.

G5 Business Forum is an annual entrepreneurial forum that brings together entrepreneurs from Tajikistan and Central Asia. Irakli Kashibadze, CEO of Future Laboratory and Startup Central Eurasia, participated in a panel discussion on business opportunities in Central Asia.

He gave specific recommendations on what processes need to be created in the country to encourage startups to enter international markets, as well as what institutional changes need to be made at the state level to systematize the process of startup development and innovation. 

Dilshod Jufarov and Irakli Kashibadze talked about the successful Georgian experience of establishing the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) which was supported by the World Bank. As noted, Tajikistan together with the World Bank plans to implement an identical process on the basis of the state business incubator, following the example of Georgia.

At the G5 forum, the founder of SCE platform also announced the future training for startups from Tajikistan, which will be held by Startup Central Eurasia platform. It will be a free practical meeting, where startups will learn how to structure their project's growth indicators using Startup KPIs tool. This evaluation system can have a decisive impact on the investment decision of the venture investors. 

In the second part of the forum, startups Dastras.tjFly.SofLivo GoSmart Sohtmon and Vezoo were pitched. 

G5 Business Forum is an annual informational and educational event, which aims to educate the audience on real examples of successful business creation and management, from idea to implementation. G5 Business Forum was first held in 2016 and has become a traditional event.

On the photo: Irakli Kashibadze, CEO SCE; Shahboz Rakhmanov, CEO of My Ventures; Dilshod Jurazoda, director of the State Business Incubator; Alim Khamitov, Managing Partner of MOST Ventures.

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