CEO Irakli Kashibadze took part in the Digital Bridge 2022

12 October, 2022


"We need to create our own digital products and distribute innovation infrastructure across the region": Irakli Kashibadze spoke at Digital Bridge 

On September 29, the second day of Digital Bridge 2022 international forum included a panel discussion on development of innovation ecosystem as a driver of economic growth. During the discussion CEO of Future Laboratory and coordinator of Startup Central Eurasia platform Irakli Kashibadze outlined the main task for the countries of Central Eurasia region – to create their own digital products and scale them up. 

"Startup Central Eurasia supports the development of digital solutions in the region and contributes to ensuring that these products reach the international market. In cooperation with technology parks, venture funds and the public sector, we will be able to make this process more efficient," noted Irakli Kashibadze.

He also mentioned that it is necessary to distribute innovation infrastructure, as, for example, in the USA. The country has not only Silicon Valley, but also clusters located in other states, which can use the strengths of specific cities. The same is true in Central Eurasia: if many people are mining in Kazakhstan, the government should support the development of blockchain technology in general, and if Azerbaijan has an oil industry, digital innovation could be useful in that industry.

The theme of this year's Digital Bridge forum is "Central Eurasia as a new technological platform". The aim of the forum was to build a new digital bridge between Europe and Asia, bringing together technoparks from Central Eurasia to share the experience of all. 

This concept originates also from the regional forums organised by the Startup Central Eurasia platform with the support of Future Laboratory and the International Telecommunication Union in previous years. For example, in 2019, the Central Asian countries adopted the Tashkent Declaration to improve the competitiveness of startup ecosystems, and in 2021, organisations in the region signed a communiqué on cooperation with the Startup Central Eurasia platform.

Heads of agencies and departments in the region, including Astana Hub CEO Magzhan Madiev, IT Park Uzbekistan director Farhod Ibragimov and Kyrzystan HTP director Chubak Temirov, support this initiative and are ready for cooperation and technological cooperation to scale up projects in the region.

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