Top-5 accelerators in Israel: opportunities for startups at the seed stage

06 October, 2022


Israel today is not only a cultural centre of gravity, but also an economic one. According to the Startup Blink study, Israel has been consistently ranked third in the world's startup ecosystem for three years – after the US and the UK. Tel Aviv, meanwhile, ranks ninth among all cities.

Startups at every stage of development can find support here in Israel, and there are plenty of acceleration programs for startups at the startup stage in Israel. We've highlighted 5 of the top programs with a strong network of worldwide partnerships. 


365x is an accelerator with offices in Kfar Saba (Israel) and New York (US). The criteria for the selection of startups are IoT products, innovation, and viability. The programme lasts 6 months, during which entrepreneurs work on improving the project's development strategy, roadmap, and structure and prepare it for scaling up. The accelerator has 4 strategic partners – Microsoft, Prodware, TechData, and Salesforce as well as a number of corporate partners.

8200 Impact

8200 Impact is a non-profit accelerator for social startups. The projects that develop on this basis communicate with mentors and get access to financing (from project partners) and office space. Within the accelerator, programme startups communicate with professional entrepreneurs and investors in special sessions and discuss such topics as usability, marketing, financing, legal issues of the startup, appropriateness of the product for the market, etc. 10-15 startups are selected for the accelerator programme and then they work on their product for 5 months.

iLog Accelerator 

This accelerator is the result of a joint Slovak-Israeli innovation initiative. The accelerator helps innovative countries take their startups to the next level.

MindCET Accelerator

The programme helps startups in the early stages of development to grow a product from an MVP to market and to raise capital. The program lasts for 4 months.

SigmaLabs Accelerator

SigmaLabs Accelerator is a three-month acceleration program that helps startups add value to their product, find product market fit and build a competent strategy for future growth. The accelerator has offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa. The accelerator was established in 2015.

Photo: SigmaLabs


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