Digital nomad status was introduced in Kyrgyzstan

06 September, 2022


The Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan has adopted a temporary regulation on granting Digital Nomad status to foreign nationals and stateless persons, which provides the most favourable treatment for specialists relocating to Kyrgyzstan. writes about it. 

The status will allow citizens of a number of countries to stay in Kyrgyzstan without residence registration and availability of permits for work and facilitate interaction with government agencies.

"The trend of a growing number of Digital nomads, the so-called 'digital nomads', is gaining momentum in the world. People can work from anywhere in the world if all they need is a computer and good high-speed internet. Over the course of the pandemic, the practice of working remotely has highlighted and shaped a certain cluster of professionals who don't need to be in an office. Many of them work for several companies," said Minister of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic Daniyar Amangeldiyev.

One step in implementing the provision was the development of step-by-step instructions to obtain the "digital nomad" status. Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia working in the field of digital technologies can apply for the status. The instructions give a clear idea of which professions are included in this list, where to apply, in what form, how long to wait for a response and much more.

"Kyrgyzstan can become a country where "digital nomads" will be comfortable and pleasant to work in. This is beneficial in terms of developing the country's tourism potential, and investment prospects and creating new jobs. The regulation helps to streamline and simplify the many nuances of digital nomads' interaction with the state. Our guide will be a guide for people seeking this status," said Musa Kataganov, Head of the Business Environment Department of the MEC KR.



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