Top-3 incubators in Europe

05 September, 2022

Many startups see the opportunity to scale to the Europeen market. Of cource, it might be difficult due to the lack of network. There is a solution – take part in any icubation programs provided in Europe. Look at opportunities for early-stage startups.


Antler is a global venture capital firm investing in the world's most prominent people creating the companies of tomorrow. That's what they claim on their website, but in fact, they invite a group of people with business and technology experience, mix them together and see what ideas for new companies they can come up with in a short time. The best ideas and teams formed get investment from Antler.

The incubation program is provided in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden.

“You apply online and a recruiter will set up a call for you, ask some general questions about your previous experience and answer your questions about the Antler programme. It seems to me that people who have started a company in the past worked in a startup or have entrepreneurial experience will get some bonus points in their application,” – explains one of the participants of this incubator from Russia. 

If the investment committee approves your idea, Antler will invest €100,000 for a 12% stake in your company. But you will have to pay €45,000 (+ 21% VAT) to participate in the programme. In this way, you will receive €45,550 in your company's bank account. After a month or two, you can also claim a VAT refund (€10,041) from the tax office.

Apply here.


Ufounders is a startup incubator and investment firm that helps and invests in tech projects. The incubator is based in Spain.

Ufounders is an entrepreneurial marketplace that focuses on promoting and accelerating technology projects at an early stage before they are internationalised, using investment, training and advice/mentoring. As part of this business model, it brings all participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem together in one place.

In addition, its Entrepreneurs programme informs founders about all the steps that need to be taken to launch a startup. To do this, it uses its continuous learning methodology, which minimises the risk of failure and increases the talent of those enrolled. It is dictated by professional mentors who will provide tools and help SMEs develop entrepreneurial skills. Once this knowledge is acquired, the platform itself will raise investment rounds for incubated startups.

You can find their website here.


1Kubator provides training, incubation, acceleration, and open innovation opportunities. The network of incubators is based in France. 

The network industrialised its concept by creating a programme of 110 workshops and creating a network of 330 mentors and 50 incubation experts.

In exchange for supporting startup development, 1kubator charges an entry fee of €10,000 and then €10,000 per year as a fee. 

Follow the link to learn more.

Photo: Antler Facebook

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