Top 4 opportunities for startups in Tajikistan

01 September, 2022


The following companies and organizations support startups with consulting, technical infrastructure and training. Startups may receive the necessary support to further develop business plan and get investment.

Business Incubator of Tajikistan 

Business Incubator of Tajikistan is established by the government of Tajikistan at the end of 2018 to support startups and develop small and medium-sized businesses. The incubator hosts consultations on finance and law, as well as educational programs. There is a regular startup competition, and you need to send a letter of application to participate.

There are 3 ways to cooperate with Business Incubator – take part in Startup Bootcamps program, Incubation Program or participate in Coaching / Mentoring sessions. To stay up to date with new opportunities offered by theBusiness Incubator, subscribe to the organization's Facebook.

Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan

Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan, an initiative of the Aga Khan Organization to develop small and medium-sized businesses in Central and South Asia, was launched in Tajikistan in 2016. It supports entrepreneurs through business modeling, coaching, business networking, investment readiness screening, seed and long-term financing, and facilitates business development. Announcements can be found in the Facebook community, and on Instagram.

National Social Investment Fund of Tajikistan

National Social Investment Fund of Tajikistan provides technical, consulting and practical assistance to private and non-governmental organizations in the creation and development of community projects. Successful projects receive micro-credits. Funding is given to those projects that will improve the standard of living in the country. 

Open Society Foundations in Tajikistan

The Foundation works in a number of areas: from promoting inclusive education for children with disabilities, to supporting economic development in the country. From 1997 to 2017, the Foundation invested $52 million in Tajikistan's projects. Follow its Facebook and Instagram to be aware of news.

Photo: Accelerate Prosperity Facebook


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