Startup of the day: Perkskit got €90 000 investment

18 August, 2022

Baku Investment Day, an event in the field of startups and innovation, took place in Baku in July. The event was organized by the SABAH.lab Acceleration Centre, a partner of Startup Capital Eurasia.  Six startups made it to the finals of Baku ID in Azerbaijan, including the startup Perkskit. 

Perkskit is a platform where employees can choose bonuses that suit them from companies. 

Its founders,  Faig Rustamov, Fuad Muradov and Farid Aghamalioghlu, see the following problem in recruitment. Individual benefits and preferences have become key to attracting and retaining talent in companies. However, existing programmes have low engagement levels as employers offer the same benefits and struggle to manage individual programmes. Ineffective programmes consequently result in wasted money and poor retention. Startup solution is an employee benefits management platform whereby companies will stop wasting budgets on irrelevant employee benefits. Employees will now choose what they really need.

"After Baku ID, we were given the opportunity to participate in the programme at Startup Wise Guys' Baltic Accelerator. We also received offers from other accelerators in the USA and Türkiye", – project co-founder Fuad Muradov told the SCE platform.

“Besides the initial €90 000 investment, we will have fully advantage of intense mentorship-driven program that carefully designed to help product and sales strategy and prioritize the next stages of development on our roadmap toward success”, –  the team also informs. 

The project is now registered in Azerbaijan and aims to expand global.


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