Astana Hub, QazInnovations, Techgarden to merge into Innovative Technology Park

09 August, 2022


Astana Hub, QazInnovations agency and Techgarden in Kazakhstan to merge into Innovative Technology Park. It was announced by the Minister of Digital Development of Kazakhstan Bagdat Musin.

Kazakhstan decided to liquidate the state holding Zerde due to its unprofitability. The holding company was initially supposed to work out standards and regulations aimed at the development of the ICT industry. For example, to offer subsidies and create venture capital funds. Zerde comprised 3 organizations: National Information Technologies JSC, which ensures the functioning of the main components of the e-government; Astana Hub, a technopark that supports IT specialists; and QazInnovations, which allocates grants for the development of innovative projects.

After the liquidation of Zerde, National Information Technologies CJSC will report directly to the Ministry of Digital Development. While Astana Hub and QazInnovations will join Techgarden, an organisation that connects subsoil users and the IT market to introduce innovative and digital projects in the industry.

"Each of these three companies employs less than 100 people and I suggested that they be brought together. The result will be a clear interface for interaction with the market's IT people. There will be grants, support and acceleration. A kind of one-stop shop for the IT market," the minister explains. 

In this way, Musin believes, the government will be able to save on annual administrative costs and eliminate unnecessary layers of administration.

Photo: Bagdat Musin,

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