Center for Entrepreneurs in Ukraine finished their pre-acceleration program

24 July, 2022


Centre for Entrepreneurs in Ukraine finished their pre-acceleration program 

The teams worked for 6 weeks to develop an idea, test its viability and create an early-stage product. This stage of the programme focuses on customer validation and the value proposition of the product or service that the start-up wants to offer. 

The pre-acceleration programme has gone through: 

Hrupp – Anonymous simulated interview service for IT professionals. – Client analytics platform based on monitoring surveys that provides all levels of management with timely and relevant quality-controlled analytics in clear and user-friendly interfaces.

Insight.Me! – An AI-based platform for sharing experiences.

Kloobok – A startup with the global goal of providing a comfortable life for all animals through a variety of web and mobile apps, consulting services, and services.

Loyalty labs – Handy marketing tool for analytics and segmentation (life cycle, RFM, value, sensitivity + CRM) of customer assets for medium to large retail chains.

Pass'N'Go – Event-based platform for gated communities.

After passing pre-acceleration, each team has the opportunity to move to the next level, the Acceleration programme, which aims to turn MVPs into profitable businesses.

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