The Kyrgyz Software and Services Developers' Association invites to join it

21 July, 2022

KSSDA is an association of IT companies in the Kyrgyz Republic, which organizes a unified IT community in the country, and protects and promotes the interests of sector members.

The Kyrgyz Software and Services Developers' Association represents over 80 IT professionals and firms residing in the Kyrgyz Republic. Country's growth in the tech sector promises an ascendance of new economic opportunities. The state's support and approval of tax reduction policies allow for competitive prices and an increasing volume of exported services. 

The purpose of the association is to create a favourable legal and business environment for IT companies to operate efficiently.

KSSDA  initiated the establishment of the High Tech Park in Kyrgyzstan, the main advantage of which is a special tax and legal regime. Thus, High Tech Park participants are for 15 years exempt from taxes and charges and may submit to the government of Kyrgyzstan draft laws and amendments thereto to optimise the industry. 

The association represents the interests of IT companies before state bodies and in relations with other members of the business community. Advice on legal, business, technology and other issues are available to members.


Read more about joining the association here.