Top 3 Armenian startups

07 June, 2021

Armenia is known as an ancient country with beautiful mountains, tasty food, Ararat brandy and many other things. But today Armenia also has a booming IT industry. Armenian companies achieved success in Armenia, as well as in the rest of the world.The turnover of the IT sector in 2016 approximately represented $500 million, 6% of the Armenian GDP. More than 540 companies were registered the same year. We would like to present to you the Top 10 Armenian start-ups according to the Armenian Global Community. 3. Yecup Yecup — is a start-up that produces a “smart mug”, which can reheat or cool down a drink by using a mobile app. The start-up used the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in order to present its project to a large audience and crowdfund for its creation. Initially the founders expected to raise $45 000, but the project was so popular, that the total amount raised reached $396 480, 892% of their goal. 2. Arloopa Arloopa is an Armenian project working on augmented and virtual reality, 2D and 3D content. The growing augmented and virtual reality is widely used in numerous fields, stretching from games and applications to movies and advertising campaigns. Arloopa is a start-up that mainly targets the US market. Here are some examples of augmented and virtual reality in use: Cool, isn’t it? Website: 1. Zangi Zangi is an Armenian messenger, in which you can exchange text messages, make voice and video calls. Vahram Martirosian, the founder, had already explained in detail about Zangi. It may be noted that Zangi is regularly improved and the communication quality as well as the functionalities significantly got better. We hope, that Zangi will become a serious competitor for Viber, WhatsApp and other popular messengers. Website: