Cerebra wins Johnson&Johnson Impact Ventures Pitch Battle

15 July, 2022

The social, economic, and political diversity across countries in Southeast Asia can create hurdles for health systems. As such, securing funding has proven to be challenging for entrepreneurs and startups that are tackling the need for easily accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

One investor that’s bridging the gap in the region is Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures (JJIV). Among its goals is to provide private support to improve healthcare worldwide by investing in purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are also committed to making a difference in the quality of healthcare in their communities and regions.

To deliver on this goal, JJIV partnered with Tech in Asia to host the latest edition of Pitch Battle. Over 250 healthcare startups across Singapore, India, Indonesia and the rest of Asia Pacific sent in their applications for the event.

Winning startup: Cerebra

Cerebra is a medical software for the automated diagnosis of stroke via machine learning platforms.

Around 6.6 million people across the world died of stroke in 2019, making it the second leading cause of death that year, according to data from the Global Burden of Disease Study. Around a quarter of adults aged 25 and older are also at risk of experiencing a stroke in their lifetimes.

In addition, stroke symptoms are frequently detected too late, reducing the time for accurate diagnosis and shrinking the window to help patients. With Cerebra, health professionals can use AI to recognize a stroke within 10 minutes. The software can also calculate the change in tissue density in the core of the stroke, helping patients receive immediate treatment.

Six finalists presented their business ideas to a panel of investor-judges, with Kazakhstan-based Cerebra emerging as the winner of this Pitch Battle.

"We had about 5 minutes to speak," say the Cerebra team members, "where our CEO Doszhan Zhusupov talked about the CEREBRA product, about stroke problems, and how in general we help doctors with our software. We were recognised as the best startup in the final!”

Startup Cerebra participated in Venture Day, organized by Startup Central Eurasia Platform, last year. Read our interview with the team to learn more about the project.

Sources: Oluwatobi Oni, Tech in Asia, Cerebra

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