MyVentures invested in AI startup, a startup in Kazakhstan detects lung cancer

29 June, 2022


MyVentures has invested in an AI startup, while a startup decision in Kazakhstan detects lung cancer – digest of the week's startup news

Annual report on the state of artificial intelligence and neural networks for 2022 released

Private investment in artificial intelligence was $93.5bn in 2021, double that in 2020, according to a report from Stanford. Private companies have a greater advantage in implementing the technology because they have vast databases to train AI. However, AI is still unable to perform complex tasks that are inherent to the human brain. 

MyVentures has invested in an artificial intelligence startup

The investment amounted to $275,000. The funds will help the company to enter the international market. The startup Solai is a project that solves the problem of the final stage of the supply chain in logistics, the so-called "last mile". The product's main customers are postal companies, household goods and pharmaceutical distributors, online grocery delivery, e-commerce companies and ATM collection.

Blockchain startup Solana, founded by a Ukrainian, will launch the Saga smartphone. It is designed for Web3 and aims to make it easier to work with blockchain

Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) software on the device will turn the smartphone into a cryptocurrency tool that replaces a laptop. SMS will consist of a number of products, including data storage, storage solutions, a mobile wallet adapter, Solana Pay for Android and its decentralised app shop (dApp).

Blockchain startup TrustMe has unveiled its TrustContarct solution, which enables online contracting and document signing

The technology is designed for executives of large companies, civil servants and entrepreneurs. It replaces the use of electronic signature: now, to sign documents, it is simply necessary to receive an SMS confirmation. The company's solution already complies with the presidential decree in Kazakhstan, but TrustMe is also looking to enter the US and UAE market.

Medical startup FORUS DATA LLP from Kazakhstan has developed the iMedHub lung disease diagnostic system

The iMedHub allows for early detection of precancerous lesions and cancers, thus preventing the development of morbidity and ultimately reducing mortality. The system automatically builds a 3D model of the lung, highlighting suspicious areas when critical cases are detected, to make it easier to assess the extent of damage.



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