The Tumaris.Tech won a WSIS award

27 June, 2022


From 30 May to 3 June, Switzerland hosted the final week of the World Summit on the Information Society 2022. The event is created and supported by the UN, and its work is directly organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN specialized agency in the field of ICT. The Women's Entrepreneurship Support Project from Uzbekistan received an award for capacity building in the region.

Since 2012, WSIS has hosted the annual WSIS Prizes contest, which marks the achievements of cities and regions in creating socially important IT services. The WSIS Prizes are awarded in 18 categories for outstanding projects that mobilize the potential of ICT to accelerate social and economic development worldwide.

In the "Capacity building" nomination the prize was given to IT Park for the implementation of the Tumaris.Tech project, which was created jointly with the US Agency for International Development in 2020.

Thanks to this project, women in Central Asia will have more opportunities to be realized in. the IT sector. The project consists of several components and provides comprehensive support to entrepreneurial initiatives. In just one year, more than 200 girls were able to get an IT education, and more than 30 startups received support.

Among the most successful startups are DIS-COUNT, which is a mobile customer loyalty application that allows partners to interact with their customers; Unions is a platform for volunteers and people who need their services; is an online platform that provides access to information on salaries and the labour market 24/7.

Today, representatives from all countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan can take part in the Tumaris.Tech project. Various support programs are organized for girls from these countries. For instance, the team recently held the Central Asian Tracker School, which was attended by 33 specialists, as well as the Central Asian Hackathon, where the teams developed about 47 prototypes of IT products.

“Soon we will launch incubation and acceleration programs for girls with startup projects and ideas from Central Asia. The programs will be held online so that all participants can participate. Upon completion of the two programs, a startup exhibition will be organized in Tashkent, which will bring together teams that have demonstrated the best results,” – states Ms. Anastasia Filippova, project coordinator.

Incubation and acceleration programs will start on 18 July and will last until 15 October. To participate in the first block, it is necessary to at least have an innovative idea that can be scaled up. Startups with an MVP, a proven business model and first sales will be able to join the second block. Registration is open until 13 July.


Photo: IT Park Uzbekistan

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