Startup Central Eurasia News Digest

27 April, 2022


1. Training courses for startups in Turkmenistan make launching own business easier

April 21, Turkmen Portal

«Academy of Startups» course is conducted by consulting company MCT Agency together with the Centre of Technology of Science Academy of Turkmenistan. Participants explored the inner processes of their future companies: identified key activities, developed business processes of interaction with customers, and searched for resources and partners for a successful launch. 

This was the fifth course of the Startup Academy. The first four courses  were attended by 59 people, more than half of whom were able to launch their own business projects after completing the course.  


2. Participants of international startup summit Take Off Baku in Azerbaijan are announced

April 21, AZERTAG Information Agency

50 startups with MVPs from 8 countries, including Azerbaijan, qualified for participation in Take Off Baku. A total of 287 startups from 32 countries registered for participation. The participating startups will address investors, presenting 11 areas including education, finance, healthcare, smart city, etc.

The Take Off Baku Startup Summit is organised ahead of the Aerospace and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan, which will be held in Baku for the first time on 26-29 May.  


3. Three more  startup got certificates in Azerbaijan

April 21, Report News Agency

The startup certificates were presented to projects Setup LLC – organization of winning quiz through web and mobile application, Smart Logistics 2021 LLC – mobile application for ordering of trucks, Sakuraz Green Energy LLC – organization of collection and recovery of lithium-ion batteries.

The startup certificate exempts SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) from income tax and income tax on income from innovative activities for three years from the date of receipt of the certificate. There are a total of 39 such start-ups in Azerbaijan. 

You can apply for the certificate at the following link:  


4. British funds invest £800 thousand in Ukrainian fintech startup GoSolo 

April 21, Investment news in Ukraine

Ukrainian Dmytro Pymakhov's startup GoSolo allows you to quickly register a company in the UK, get a virtual address for business correspondence in London and an account to make payments along with a card. GoSolo launched its product in early April 2022 and has already gained several thousand customers. 

Grammarly's co-founders led the GoSolo round. They were joined by funds from SFC Capital, Menlo, as well as several top executives from startup Stripe.  


5. Former Tinkoff co-CEOs to launch Kinetic startup

April 23, RBC

Former co-CEOs of Tinkoff Bank's parent company TCS Group Oliver Hughes and Pavel Fedorov are working on a new fintech project, Kinetic Finance, for operations in Asian markets, starting in the Philippines, with a launch by the end of 2022. They are now fundraising with venture capital firms and sovereign wealth funds to complete the round by June.  


6. How Kazakhstan startup Bnect is helping to save more than 10% on purchases

April 24, Forbes

Bnect is an IT ecosystem that solves digitalisation problems in Kazakhstan's construction sector. The company aims to integrate all stages of construction - from project idea to sale of finished homes - into a single cycle through a specific service. 

«We are now working on a procurement module, a commercial property management unit with a showcase, and processes for signing electronic contracts over the phone. More than 30 thousand companies already work with us in Kazakhstan, and we start entering the near abroad», – Alisher Yelubayev, General Director of Park Technologies Ltd.  


7. How a citizen of Kazakhstan launched a successful startup in Silicon Valley and attracted investment

 April  26, WEproject

«Together with my partner Yerbol, we decided to create a business in the international market. To work together where everyone around us is involved in technology and developing the world. And Silicon Valley was the right place to pursue this idea. 

We noticed that small businesses have difficulties with automation. So we set up a company that provides valuable services for entrepreneurs. For example, the idea of the Adapt product is that the founder of the company can set up an online shop for free via his phone». 

– Bakytzhan Dos, 27, Silicon Valley, USA, entrepreneur.