Pros and cons of technology market in Kazakhstan

26 April, 2022

Professional hunter and head of the On Point recruitment agency Arman Shokparov talks about current trends in IT. The expert singles out the following several trends in Kazakhstan's modern IT market: 

Trend #1. Strengthening offers from international companies for Kazakhstani professionals

Our guys are in demand abroad. The agency regularly receives many requests from markets in various countries, including Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Germany, the UK, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Foreign employers aim to find people within Kazakhstan who are able to work remotely.

Their idea is to form a small team, with 5-15 people working solely for them, depending on the tasks at hand. Relocation is not their main goal because, firstly, living here is cheaper than abroad, and secondly, they themselves operate on this business model, opening small offices around the world.

Foreign employers also think that Kazakhstan has a lot of specialists, and they deceive themselves greatly: the country's young population is large, but in fact we do not have that many competent IT-trained workers.

In addition, foreign companies mostly look for people with a good level of English, in addition to developed hard skills and technical competence, and in our country we have some difficulties with that. The number of programmers in Kazakhstan is relatively lower than average, and English-speaking programmers are in the minority, for which there is a high demand as a result. 

Trend #2. Separating individual groups of developers from IT companies into project teams 

Whereas only a few years ago we faced the problem of individual developers searching for a job, now we have team leaders or informal team leaders who represent a formed group of specialists with different skills. This is the so-called product team of developers, architects, product engineers, and testers, who work by moving from project to project. With their help, Teamleaders can get better working conditions and interesting tasks from employers.

Trend #3. Relocation of specialists from CIS countries

Against the background of the geopolitical situation in the world, I have the opinion that we will not see many people from Ukraine, which cannot be said about Russian citizens. Not all of them are actively looking for work in Kazakhstan, because they continue to work remotely for foreign companies.

Speaking of the IT sphere, it should also be noted that few of those who have arrived are hardcore developers; most Russians are STOs, product owners, who were in their country as IT managers within divisions, not actually engaged in programming and development.

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