Monthly IT Market Outlook by Astana Hub

21 April, 2022

The correspondent of Astana Hub Marat Shaken is continuing to publish his column, and today it is time for the monthly review of the IT market in March 2022. In the monthly review, he will highlight the industry's highlights and news. The review will be useful for those who are afraid of missing the most important things and for those who haven't been following the news all month, but just want to know the most important things from a single review. 

Relocation of foreign IT companies

The most important topic of the last month was the relocation of foreign IT companies to Kazakhstan. In particular, a large number of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian IT companies relocated to Kazakhstan. If you look at the statistics the number of Russians who received IIN in March 2022 has reached about 10 thousand people, 14 times higher than in March 2021. 

It was clear that the burden of relocation fell on the shoulders of Astana Hub technopark and the Ministry of Digital Development. Especially for those who want to relocate to Kazakhstan, the website was launched with useful information such as – guides and checklists on obtaining IIN, opening a legal entity in Kazakhstan, etc. A chat room on Telegram ( was also launched for prompt communication. Within a few weeks more than 5 thousand people joined the chat room and the number keeps growing. 

The largest company to move to Kazakhstan was IT transport company InDriver. I wrote about it in my @ShakenLive channel as soon as I saw the company's vacancy on HeadHunter. One of the main offices will be opened in Almaty, as Arsen Tomskiy, CEO of InDriver, told me in his social networks. A big recruitment and relocation campaign is already underway in the Kazakh market. 

Miners in the Astana Hub 

The second most discussed piece of news was the information that 5 members of the Astana Hub technology park, receiving tax benefits, were engaged in mining. It is worth to understand that mining itself is not prohibited in Kazakhstan. Plus the technology park issued a release, which explained why this happened. As it turned out the participants of the technopark can not be companies engaged in mining directly, but can be companies that provide infrastructure for miners. Thus, there was no violation of the law, but at the moment changes are being made, which will not allow such companies to become members of the Astana Hub. 

Public services

Let's move on to public services. Everyone remembers the constitutional right of Kazakhstan's citizens to receive 10 sotoks of land free of charge from the state to build a house. The epic story of queues has been going on for over 10 years, but now it has become more transparent and comprehensible. Now, you can check your place on the waiting list via the e-government portal Previously it was a lot of red tape through akimats, but now you only need to select a locality and sign the application via EDS. 

The expansion of digital services in banking mobile apps also continues. All digital documents have become available in and Halyk Bank's mobile banking apps. By the way, in addition to digital documents themselves, offers the possibility of quick copying of details, they are presented in text format. Try it - it is very convenient.  

And the Halyk Bank's mobile app now allows you to register your place of residence. Both the owner and the person who wants to register residence need to have accounts in the Halyk Bank mobile app.

A big discovery for me was an interesting feature in my personal account at My ID card recently expired and I only found out about it a week later, and that by accident. I had to urgently apply for a new ID, and thought how cool it would be to receive an SMS about expiry date. I wrote about it in their social networks, and as it turned out there is a long time ago, it just need to put the right checkboxes in a private office in the notification section. Live and learn a long time. 

The State and the Yellow Pages Rule

Speaking of public services, let's briefly discuss the work of the state in the context of Yellow Pages Rule. It is a principle where the government must not perform the functions of private companies and take away a share of their market. For example, the news broke that the Labour Ministry wants to create a platform for the self-employed. The question arises why they want to do this when there are already analogues on the market, for example the 

Or for example the Ministry of Justice is engaged in a platform to find lawyers, while there are other players in the private market, the same lawyers' marketplace Zan.Bar. Until the Yellow Pages Rule starts working in Kazakhstan it seems difficult to speak about the effectiveness of IT projects competing with private market. 

Biggest Announcements

I will conclude this review with the most high-profile announcements of the month, in one paragraph. 

Kolesa Group IT holding company published a study on how the Kazakhstan developer market will change in 2021. As usual there are a lot of numbers, visualization and simply interesting data for those who see themselves as future developers in Kazakhstan. The full version of the report can be found at: .  

The Digital Tenge Hub was launched by the National Bank to develop the payment and financial technologies. On its basis, training and certification of market participants, joint design sessions, connection of new participants to the testing platform of digital tenge, and other similar activities will be carried out. 

The Abai IT-Valley technology cluster was opened in Semey on the basis of A.Bokeykhanov University with the support of Astana Hub and the Ministry of Digital Development. The main activities of the cluster are the search, development and promotion of promising start-ups in the region. 

A licensed crowdfunding platform was launched in Kazakhstan, where investors can invest in promising projects and increase the profitability of their portfolio, while startups and existing businesses can attract investment. 

Renowned Kazakhstani documentary filmmaker Kanat Beisekeyev presented a documentary dedicated to the formation and development of Kazakhstan's start-up ecosystem, IT companies, the world of acceleration and investment. Through the lens of 13 geroeks, Kanat showed what the industry is like in Kazakhstan today. View the documentary at:  


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