Startup Central Eurasia News Digest

01 April, 2022

We prepared one more digest of news about the startup ecosystem of Central Eurasia. Among the main trends: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are becoming the centres of attraction of startups from countries with the unstable geopolitical and economic situations.


1. Ministry of Economy of Belarus: startups in import substitution need to develop

March 24. Belta

The Ministry of Economy of Belarus intends to actively support the start-up movement, Dmitry Krupsky, Head of Economics of Innovation Activity of the Ministry of Economy, said. 

The stake will be placed primarily on production start-ups. The context of the era is such that due to the release of markets, there are quite a lot of interesting and promising niches. The question is how quickly the entrepreneurs will be able to occupy and master these markets», – said the Head of the Department.

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2. Startup of Ukrainian founders in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and with the support of Google for Startups launched a humanitarian initiative – Handy Friends for Ukraine – a platform for Ukrainians around the world

March 24.

The project was announced in Poland, at the International Coordination Headquarters of Assistance to Ukrainians.  Irina Andryushchenko, a co-founder of the company, noted: The product will be an indispensable digital assistant to Ukrainian women abroad during this difficult time. It is a bot that structures all the chaotic information for Ukrainian migrants abroad and helps them to adapt». The platform works on the basis of messengers Viber and Telegram, which are now used by Ukrainians the most.


3. Ukrainian IT sector presented 6 startups and government projects on SXSW in Texas

25 March. Interfax Ukraine

Among the Ukrainian startups presented at SXSW – Effa, Framiore, Skyworker, FlashBeats. In addition to startups, state digital projects («Diya», «Diya.City» and others) were also presented at the SXSW-2022 expo.  

SXSW (South by Southwest)  is an international event held since 1987 in Austin, Texas. The event brings together leaders from around the world to meet and discuss topical issues. It is attended by more than 70 thousand. people and about 10 thousand. companies. Guests include Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Mark Kuban.

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4. Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan: «white» farms until they connect to electricity

March 25.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan «Atameken» noted that in Kazakhstan 70-80% of «white» miners are completely disconnected from electricity, some are connected with restrictions on supply capacity. From March 15, the farms were to have access to electricity. Minister of Energy Bolat Akchulakov said that this will not happen until all unscrupulous participants are identified and the parliament approves uniform rules of operation for crypto miners. 

New legislation, which, as previously announced, was to be developed by 1 April 2022, will include: the introduction of licensing of digital mining activities, determination of quotas for electricity consumption, A moratorium on the connection of capacity for new miners, as well as on the conversion of electricity from renewable sources and imports.

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5. The third wave of ITWomen.Uz project for girls starts in Uzbekistan

March 30. IT-Park Uzbekistan

On April 11, 2022, the third wave of the ITWomen.Uze project, which aims to attract women to the field of ICT, will start. The main goal of the project is to help women get an education and work in IT. The programme of the project will consist of a computer literacy course lasting two weeks, from 11 to 28 April. Classes will be held 3 times a week in all IT-Centres of the Republic. To date, 205 IT-Centres are actively working in Uzbekistan.

Registration: +998 97 778 80 12

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6. The Belarusian company «Maicikl» has opened a representative office in Kazakhstan 

March 31. Astana hub

The Belarusian company Maisicle is an expert in the development of web and mobile applications. In early March, the company opened a representative office in Almaty to work with new employees from Kazakhstan to develop software for customers from Europe, the USA and Israel. 

Foreign IT startups are willing to choose Kazakhstan as a platform for scaling up and entering new markets. At the same time, the heads of the companies increasingly turn to local IT-specialists We have heard about the human resources of Kazakhstan, there are many specialised universities and faculties, and a powerful infrastructure. Kazakhstan has a high IT rating worldwide. The possibility of obtaining tax preferences at Astana Hub played a decisive role in the relocation», Director Mbaysikl emphasises.

Site of the project: 

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7. Gide: 10 startups from Armenia who have achieved success abroad

March 31. Rusbase

Forbes and TechCrunch call Armenia a world-class technohub, and the country’s government relies on IT in the long-term strategy of economic development. In 2019, the technology sector in Armenia grew by 30% and accounted for 2.5% of GDP. In 2020, despite the pandemic, the turnover of technology companies in the country increased by 20.6%. Intel, IBM, Synopsys, Cisco and other corporations are expanding their presence in the region, and Armenian startups are successfully attracting foreign funding and entering the global market. Among them: Vineti, DISQO, Krisp, IntelinAir, SuperAnnotate, TruePublic, Grovf, Expper Technologies, ZERO, Chessify. 

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