Call for Proposals for Startup Matching Grants Program

10 March, 2022

  • Startup Matching Grants
  • Start Date: 9 March 2022
  • Deadline: 18 April 2022 23:59

Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for Startup Matching Grants Program.

The objective of the program is to stimulate innovation and creation of innovative enterprises in Georgian economy through development/adoption and commercialization of Innovative products and services with the potential for internationalization.

Startup Matching Grants is defined as small matching grants to early-stage private and small-enterprises incorporated in Georgia within the last two years. The natural persons can also submit the application, however If selected, they will be requested to register the legal business unit prior to contract signing.

The financing to be awarded by GITA through Startup Matching Grants could cover a maximum of 90% up to GEL 150’000 of the total approved Applicant’s project budget for a nine-months project. A minimum of 10% of the project budget would be secured in cash by the Applicant from other sources, preferably private, and excluding public grant sources.

The Matching Grants Manual and other program related documentation is also available on this page. 

The deadline for submission of proposals is 18 April, 2022

More information and registration: