Startup Central Eurasia News Digest

22 February, 2022

We collected the main news of Central Eurasia, affecting the region’s startup ecosystem.

 1. Ukrainian startup S.Lab attracted €80,000 from Startup Wise Guys

February 17, 2022. Ain. According to the founders, this material degrades in the ground in 1-1.5 months and can completely replace plastic. S.Lab became a member of the Wise Guys Sustainability acceleration program, which started online on January 17 of that year. It focuses on B2B startups, developing software or solutions for carbon capture, storage and reduction and will last for five months.

The agreement with the accelerator assumes that S.Lab will give him a share in the startup. The exact percentage remains unsolved, but under the terms of the programme, it does not exceed 9%.

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2. More than 10 new online services were presented at the Diia Summit in Ukraine

February 18, 2022. EU4DigitalUA. In early February, at the Diia Summit, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine presented a new web portal and mobile application of electronic state services. Among the new solutions, there is a change of registration of place of residence throughout the country, services for pensioners and drivers of the car, a new notification system and updated Diia.Signature. In addition, a new special tax regime for the IT industry – Diia City – was announced at the summit. 

The EU4DigitalUA project, funded by the EU, helped to organise and prepare the Diia Summit. The objective of this project with a budget of €20.5 million is to develop the infrastructure of digital government, public electronic services, cybersecurity and data protection. 

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3. A pilot project on electronic commerce for cross-border data exchange was launched between Moldova and Ukraine

February 19, 2022. EU4DigitalUA. Peppol eDelivery Network is a pilot project for the secure electronic exchange of documents and data between companies. The project was previously implemented between Poland and Ukraine, and between Armenia and Ukraine. Peppol Global Network unites almost 40 countries.  

Now the pilot is intended only to test the account data exchange system. However, the technology may make it possible to lead business between cross-border partners more efficient in the future.

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4. SoftTeco ranked 1st in the Top Outsourcing IT Companies Ranking from Belarus

February 20, 2022. iTRate. This year, 20 Belarusian companies entered the TOP Competition. The evaluation was based on the following criteria: outstanding performance, client assessment, hard work. Each year the digital platform for searching for iTRate software developers creates this rate. SoftTeco is a provider of IT services for businesses. SoftTeco has 450+ professional employees. Its offices are located in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries. Since 2011 SoftTeco has been a resident of the High Technology Park of Belarus. 

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5. Astana Hub and JSC «NK «KTJ» announces the search for IT solutions for the railway complex of Kazakhstan 

February 20, 2022. Astana Hub. One of the aspects of the program «Digital Transformation» – improvement of transport infrastructure services, including logistics, freight and passenger transport. Technopark offers nine aspects that require innovative solutions. Your projects, from the idea to the finished product, can be offered by following the link until February 27, 2022.

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6. Almost 9,000 entrepreneurs ceased operations after the adoption of the Tax Code in Kyrgyzstan

February 21, 2022. Economist_kg. A new version of the Tax Code came into force on 1 January 2022. However, the authorities insist that the document is necessary, as it is aimed to reduce the shadow economy, which will significantly increase government revenues. 

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7. Russian Ministry of Finance has offered to identify all cryptocurrency buyer

February 21, 2022. RBK. The use of digital currencies as a means of payment in Russia will be prohibited. The cryptocurrency of the Ministry of Finance proposes to consider it exclusively as a tool for investment. The input and output of cryptocurrency from the client to the operator and vice versa will be possible only through banks using the bank account. Investors will also have to undergo online testing before purchasing cryptocurrency. Foreign cryptocurrency exchanges will have to register in Russia to be licensed.

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