Astana Hub teaches you to create IT products without programming skills

17 February, 2022

To create a finished product without programming skills, to test a business model at no cost, to run a startup many times faster, and to do without the help of developers is quite feasible. Over 1,000 people have already learned this through a course to create software-free IT products from Astana Hub. The City Tech Park announced the fourth round of applications for No Code.

No Code is a way to create IT products: sites, websites, and mobile applications without writing code on special platforms using visual modelling. The popularity of this method is explained by the trend to simplify and automate all processes, including – in development.

One of the successful cases of the company’s creation with No Code is the Comet startup, which was fully implemented on the Bubble platform. Comet is a single exchange for IT freelancers and companies. Another startup is the Qoins financial platform, which, despite successful scaling, is still almost fully operational on Bubble.

Startups often face situations where investment programs and venture fund competitions require the rapid development of a prototype. In such cases comes the help of No Code, as a way to quickly independently and practically free test the future product.

To train future students in the No Code Express Course is eight qualified experts: IT entrepreneurs, employees of large companies, teachers, certified trackers such as Timur Mukhamedjanov – tracker «Gazprom Oil» Sergey Malinin is a FRIY tracker, Alina Makarenko is a certified Scrum Master (PSM I), SAFe Agilist, SAFe RTE, Dmitry Collanikov is a leading tracker of corporate accelerators X5 Retail Group, Prot, Billine, and others. Experts will help startups set the right goals and bring projects to fruition.

The course starts on 21 February of this year. The duration of the program is two months. During this time, no-coders will learn to work on platforms Bubble, Tilda, Webflow, Adalo, Integromat, Glide. According to the organisers, the most active students will receive individual follow-up from the trackers-practitioners in the work on the projects.

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