How long does it take to register a Company?

Registration of a company takes about 7 days, the most common form of legal entity in Ukraine is a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

How much does it cost to register a legal entity?

The costs of opening an LLC with independent registration are minimal, the registration fee is not charged during registration.

With the help of intermediaries, it will cost more than an independent procedure. On average, the amounts range from 1000 to 1500 hryvnia.

What form of business is the most popular in Ukraine?

The most common form of doing business in Ukraine is a limited liability company and an individual entrepreneur.

Where can i find applications forms and other documents?

Forms of applications and certificates, samples of charters and decisions and other documents can be found on the website of the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

How long does it take to receive a license a necessary permits?

The whole process, if properly organized, takes up to 7 working days: 2-3 days for preparatory moments, as well as notarization of papers, and the rest of the days - directly for the state registration process.

What documents are required for registration with foreign capital in Ukraine?

Required documents for registration of an enterprise with a foreign founder:

  • application for registration of a legal entity;
  • decisions of the founders on the establishment of the enterprise - the original or a notarized copy;
  • articles of association;
  • information about the governing body - information about the head and authorized representatives (position, full name, TIN, date of birth, postal address);
  • receipt of payment of the administrative fee.
What can the company do after the registration is complete?

The law of Ukraine establishes equality of rights of foreigners and citizens of the country: the size of the authorized fund at the expense of foreign investment and the number of founders is not limited.

What documents are required to register a company in Ukraine?

Registration of a legal entity in Ukraine provides for the provision of such documents in written or electronic form:

  • Application for state registration.
  • An application for the application of a simplified taxation system and / or a registration application for a VAT payer.
  • Constituent document of a legal entity (charter of the enterprise, memorandum of association and other documents, depending on the organizational and legal form of the enterprise).
  • Copies of the passport and TIN of the founder.
Where is the registration authority of Ukraine located?

To carry out the procedure of state registration of a business entity, in this case, the LLC must use the service of the Ministry of Justice at the link.

The first thing you will need to conduct state registration of a business entity via the Internet is an electronic digital signature.  If you do not have it, you can use the button "Received ECP" at the bottom of the page or go to the address.

What is the taxation system in Ukraine?

The main tax rates when applying the general taxation system:

  • ncome tax: 18%.
  • payroll taxes: personal income tax 18% and military tax 1.5%.
  • the company also keeps a single social contribution in the amount of 22%. 
What is the VAT?

The VAT in Ukraine: 20%.

What is the land tax rate in Ukraine?

The land tax rate is set by decision of the village, township, city council or council of united territorial communities, depending on the location (zone) and types of such real estate in an amount not exceeding 1.5% of the minimum wage established by law on January 1 reporting (tax) year, per 1 square meter of the base.

How can I use tax under the simplified taxation system?

Ukraine has a simplified or general system of taxation of small businesses.

Fixed single tax rates are established by village, settlement, city councils or councils of united territorial communities for individual entrepreneurs engaged in economic activity, depending on the type of economic activity, based on a calendar month:

1) for the first group of single taxpayers - up to 10 percent of the subsistence minimum.

2) for the second group of single taxpayers - up to 20 percent of the minimum wage.

The single tax rate for payers of the third group is set in the amount of:

1) 3 percent of income - in case of payment of value added tax.

2) 5 percent of income - in the case of inclusion of value added tax in the composition of the single tax.

A simplified entrepreneur is not exempted from paying a single social contribution provided for by the Law of Ukraine “On the collection and accounting of a single contribution for obligatory state social insurance” in an amount not lower than the minimum (22% of the minimum wage).

What is the road tax rate in Ukraine?

The tax rate is set per calendar year in the amount of UAH 25,000 for each passenger car that is subject to taxation.

How is the tax calculated?

To calculate income tax, you can use the service.

Is it possible to register online?

You can pay tax through the electronic service.

At what stage is the sphere of e-commerce in Ukraine?

The development of e-commerce largely depends on Internet penetration. According to various estimates, about 70% of the population of Ukraine use the Internet. For comparison, in 2010 this figure was 30%.

According to a study by CBR, by the end of 2020 in Ukraine, 10.6 million people regularly bought on the Internet - this is a third of the population.

How many online stores operate in Ukraine?

According to the portal there are about 3537 stores in Ukraine.

What has played a significant role in the development of e-commerce in Ukraine?

The active development of e-commerce in Ukraine was facilitated, first, by organizational and technical factors the growth in the number of active Internet users, the increase in the Internet coverage of the territory of Ukraine and its speed, the improvement of the functionality of electronic trading platforms, the active redistribution of the e-commerce market among the Internet sellers.

As of 2017, the share of e-commerce in the total volume of retail sales in Ukraine amounted to 3.5%.

The characteristic features of the B2C e-commerce market are the predominance of a young audience of buyers, females, residents of large cities with a population of more than 100 thousand people. For the further development of e-commerce in Ukraine, it is necessary: ​​to promote an increase in non-cash payment for purchases, incl. bank cards; develop specialized websites and mobile applications for making purchases and payments; develop internet marketing; use social media sales tools; improve the system of protection of information and personal data on the Internet.

Which E-commerce sites are the most used in Ukraine?
What documents are required to open a company account in a bank of Ukraine?

Standard package of documents required for opening current and deposit accounts in a bank for small and medium-sized businesses

For an enterprise - a legal entity:

1. Application for opening a current account (or current currency account, deposit account)

2. Certificate of state registration, Charter, Memorandum of Association (copies certified by a notary or by the body that issued the certificate of state registration).

3. A copy of the document that confirms the company's tax registration - 4-OPP

4. A document that confirms the registration of the enterprise as a payer of social insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund against accidents at work and occupational diseases of Ukraine, or a copy thereof

5. A copy of the document that confirms the registration of a legal entity in the relevant body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine

6. Two cards with sample signatures and an imprint of the company's seal (notarized

7. A copy of the minutes of the General Meetings of the Founders on the appointment of the head and chief accountant.

8. A copy of the certificate from the State Statistical Office on registration

9. Copies of passports of officials of the enterprise, certified by the signatures of these persons.

What recruiting agencies are in Ukraine?
What Co-working spaces are in Ukraine?

Name – «Chikago-coworking»
Address – Ukraine, Kyiv, ul.  Antonovicha, 40 (5th floor) (metro station "Olimpiyskaya")
WEB-address -


Name – The Space Coworking.

Address – Kyiv, Popudrenko str., 1A (Darnitsa station)

WEB-address -


Name – Art-space "FREEDOM".

Address – Ukraine, Kherson, Universitetskaya str., 31 (2nd floor of the printing house)

WEB-address -



Address – Ukraine, Vynnytsya, Moores, 4a

WEB-address -


Name – Campus Event Hall.

Address – Ukraine, Dnipro, D. Yavornytsky Avenue, 99D (Just behind the Drama and Comedy Theater and the restaurant "Mafia"),

WEB-address - 

How can startups in Ukraine attract funding?

In recent years, venture investors have become interested in startups in Ukraine. There are several outstanding startups with founders from Ukraine: Grammarly, GitLab, Genesis,

What platforms for accelerating startups are there in Ukraine?

There are several funds currently operating in Ukraine: U.Ventures, Ukrainian National Startup Fund, AVentures Capital, Ufuture, Magnetic One Ventures, Noosphere Ventures.

When did a pilot project on the use of blockchain technology start in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, blockchain initiatives are being implemented at the initial stages. So, in 2021, a pilot project of an educational course on cryptocurrencies was implemented.