SCE & IT Park Uz online training on fundraising for startups “Startup KPIs tool”

09 August, 2022


On 10 August IT Park in cooperation with Startup Central Eurasia will organise an online training on the topic of raising investment opportunities for startups with the Startup KPIs tool.

The training will be relevant for young startups as well as for startups that are at a high level of development and are looking for investments.

The event will consist of several parts. In the first part, the CEO of Future Laboratory and Startup Central Eurasia Irakli Kashibadze will speak about "Startup opportunities provided by Startup Central Eurasia platform".

In the second part of the online meeting, Maxim Buryanov, Startup Central Eurasia Analyst, will speak. He will tell participants why investors are looking at startup development metrics and how the StartupKPIs tool helps to speak the same language as the investor. The expert will also give a practical training session on using the StartupKPIs calculator.

The participants of the session "Startup KPIs tools" will learn about the priority metrics in the development of a startup (ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC, Churn Rate, Retention Rate, MRR Growth Rate, Gross Margin, Burn Multiple and others) and get exclusive access to the Startup KPIs tool for calculating the success indicators of a startup.

In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to be selected for the startup roster for investors from the Central Eurasia region, the USA and Europe.

Event time: 17.00-19.30 (Uzbekistan).


To register for the event, please follow the link.

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