The life and death of startups

15 July, 2021

We invite you to a meeting of the technical community in Nur-Sultan - IT talk “Life and death of startups. Experience of DataArt Company ”.

1. Legends of bygone days, or how DataArt gave birth to Mail.Ru and almost died in childbirth.

2. The top three causes of death for startups:a) "Not Yet Started", or Two types of MVPs.b) Storm in the markets - pestilence or purification?c) Death after immortality: “this is our money” vs “this is my / investor's money”.

3. Success stories and failures in similar circumstances:a) Willingness to agree: how the IT assets of a failed company gave rise to several success stories and how a successful company threw tens of millions of valuable assets into the trash.b) Smart-sourcing, or how an outsourcer can ruin a startup or get it out of the hole. Painful lessons.c) Key assets: myths and reality. How to define and maintain the notorious core competence.

4. Business Development: Marathon or Relay? Reasons to sell and not sell a business, rational and irrational, but quite important.

Place and time: July 15, 2021 at 19:00. Astana Hub, EVENT HALL, Avenue Mangilik El., С4.6, Nur-Sultan.